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Get vast and accurate WHOIS data. Explore domains and IPs to determine ownership info, registrars, locations, fingerprints and much more

Why WHOIS Lookup

WHOIS lookup helps find domain information, server info, as well as domain owners and how to get in touch with them.

Most often, each WHOIS record contains information such as name and contact information of the registrant (the owner of the domain), the name and contact information of the registrar (the organization or entity who registered this domain name), registration dates, name servers, most recent updates, and expiration dates.

System administrators and DevOps engineers will benefit from WHOIS lookup by inspecting their own infrastructures to locate and fix issues related to the registrars. They can also identify trademark infringement, fight spam and domain name fraud, as well as check registrants' rules and compliance with laws.

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Main Features

Accurate Data

Accurate Data

We regularly gather WHOIS data from several different sources (private and public), before validating it using our analytical tools

A Complete Database

A Complete Database

We scan the internet thoroughly in order to provide large amounts of data for complete WHOIS lookup

See the Bigger Picture

See the Bigger Picture

We provide all the necessary tools for an in-depth analysis of every domain, its IP, network connections, server info, and more

Handy Recon with Spyse

The Spyse search engine is an all-in-one recon solution meets every requirement of penetration testers and white hat hackers when it comes to gathering data on a target. Avoid time spent on installing any third-party tools, learning the syntax, and waiting for every scan process to be completed. All the data you need is ready and waiting inside the Spyse database. Interconnecting the data using our own analytical tools allows us to collect very meticulous sets of data using WHOIS lookup as an entry point.
Use Spyse search for exploring through both large sections of the network, and its specific elements: from Server info (DNS, site info, SSL, etc ...), to complete network data (ports, ASN, geo) and vast security information(CVE databases, misconfigurations).

A New Way of Gathering Data

Using WHOIS lookup with our flexible search will save time on finding precise data which is usually hidden behind tons of information. Execute complex searches by applying up to 5 different search parameters in one query. For example: search for domains of a certain organization that has specific vulnerabilities related to the web technologies they use, and get a structured target list.


Spyse tools

Spyse offers a wide variety of penetration testing tools which can be used to gather all kinds of target information. With features like Security Score and Advanced Search, users can easily filter out unnecessary data which makes for a fluid browsing and data collection experience. Check out Spyse tools for more info.

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