Subdomain Finder

Use the Spyse subdomain finder in order to make your reconnaissance process faster and effortless

Main Subdomain Finder Features

Quick access

Quick Access

We collect, organize, and store valuable internet data in our database, giving users immediate access so that they don’t have to wait for scans

Interconnected Data

Interconnected Data

Spyse is not just a subdomain finder: it's a cybersecurity search engine that enhances each search with a plethora of interconnected data

Fresh & Accurate

Fresh & Accurate

We regularly scan through the whole internet in order to provide up-to-date and verified results, guaranteeing that users receive the most accurate data

IPv4 hosts

Thorough Recon for Pentesters

The application of Spyse will greatly speed up the recon process by saving time on the installation of tools, studying syntax, and waiting for scanning processes to complete. Other than the subdomain finder, Spyse collects a great deal of data from all over the web, ranging from network connections and detailed technical information to the vulnerabilities of each separate element in the given network. Here you will find all you need for qualitative penetration testing.


Advanced Search

The Advanced Search tool lets you extract precise data using search filters. Obtaining the required information usually takes a while because most often you have to go through a bunch of superfluous data before getting the results you need.

Advanced Search allows using up to 5 search filters to find much more precise data, for example: find all subdomains with specific content in the meta, with exact vulnerability type, and technology related to some organization or country.

Feel free to use Advanced Search with our Subdomain Finder as well as when looking for other types of data. The search options are limitless.


Spyse Scoring

The scoring system was developed to quickly scale through the security status of various network elements like IP, domains, entire infrastructures, and organizations.

This service compares all information gathered by our scanners with CVE databases and provides a security assessment score with the ability to inspect the details of each vulnerability.

The Scoring System was developed to quickly scale through various network elements like IP, domains, entire infrastructures, and organizations in order to identify their vulnerabilities and security level. It compares all information gathered by Spyse’s scanners with trustful CVE databases and provides a security assessment score allowing to inspect the details of each found vulnerability.


Spyse Toolbox

Spyse is tailored to enhance the productivity of specialists with a variety of cybersecurity tools that help in cyber reconnaissance

Handy Filtering

Don’t waste your time scaling through all subdomain search results... Use search filters to find precise information

Offline Exploration

Find subdomains, download, and work with the data offline at your own convenience

API access

Link Spyse with your own project with the help of our customers API to provide an automatic data flow straight to your service

Give Spyse a Shot

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