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Get ready digital certificate data on TLS and SSL certificates from the largest cybersecurity database on the web

Main Features of SSL Lookup

Comprehensive Data

Comprehensive Data

Our scanners parse the internet regularly to collect and store data on SSL/TLS certificates as well as other internet elements

Precise Data

Precise Data

We gather data from multiple sources and always strive to keep our database accurate and fresh, with updated results every day

More Tools

More Tools

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What SSL Lookup Is For

Digital Certificates Management Maintain your infrastructure and digital certificates with Spyse. You can perform ssl/tls lookup to verify all certificates of a domain or organization so that you can see which certificates should be updated or renewed. Bug Bounty Hunting Use SSL lookup to open opportunities for exploring any section of the web through digital certificates. This tool enables bug bounty hunters to inspect certificates of individual administrations, IPs, domains, certificate issuers or even whole countries, comparing the data with other technical information using our flexible search. Digital Certificate Reselling Digital certificate resellers can look for certificates expiration dates, their types and other data to make special offers to site owners. Sites can be filtered by certificate expiration date, website type, organizations, countries, and rated for their level of security with the help of Security Score. Big data analysis By tapping into our database, you can easily predict any changes or shifts in the security levels of the web and its individual parts. You can also predict changes in encryption technologies and track quantitative data by exploring the whole world, countries or individual parts of a network.

Spyse Opportunities

Spyse is a cybersecurity search engine for white hat specialists which greatly enhances the information gathering process, allowing users to inspect different internet objects from alternative angles. In addition to a simple SSL lookup, you also receive important data concerning Networks, Autonomous Systems, Geo, CIDR, Ports (banners, hardware, type of device, OS, etc); Server information - DNS, WHOIS, Site info (HTTP headers, Robots.txt, Scripts, Meta, fingerprints); and valuable Security Score - cybersecurity info, CVE data, and SSL/TLS misconfigurations.


Advanced Search

Advanced search creates a huge amount of possibilities for a simple search, combining certificate data with other data gathered by Spyse. Apply up to 5 search parameters to find specific info without wasting time. For example: perform SSL lookup to get all SSL/TLS certificates in a certain region, with a certain fingerprint or related website, linked to the specific type of certificate.


SSL Checker

Apply our SSL checker to view whether your SSL certificate is trusted, correctly installed, and up to date


Use our API for easy data collection, or integrate SSL lookup into your own projects to automate the information gathering process

Handy Filtering

Stop wasting time on searching through enormous masses of data. Use our filtering features to find specific info in just a few clicks

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