Reverse DNS Lookup

Reverse DNS Helps Quickly Discover the Domain Name Associated with an IP Address by Returning its DNS PTR Record

Reverse DNS Lookup Features

Extensive Database

Extensive Database

We scan through the web on a regular basis, leaving no space unchecked which allows us to provide all data needed to close the info gathering process

Instant Results

Instant Results

By storing all the gathered data on our servers we are able to provide our users with instant results whether it's a huge data cluster or just simple Reverse DNS

Data Interconnection

Data Interconnection

Our analytical tools demonstrate the correlation between all assembled information, which gives a lot of opportunities for exploring additional important data

What Reverse DNS is Used For

Reverse DNS Lookup is simply the reverse sequence of a DNS lookup. With the help of Reverse DNS, you are able to get the DNS PTR records from the DNS server which will help you to find all the domain names associated with the corresponding IP.

Note that some IP addresses will return only one domain name even if they contain more than one. For example - shared web hosting, where one IP address of the server is shared among one or more domains. In this case, simply use our Reverse IP Lookup, it will list all domains that have the same IP on the A record of the DNS records.


Spyse Search Engine

Spyse is a cybersecurity search engine that completely covers target research without the need for installing third-party tools, studying syntax and waiting for endless target scans. Web data scanned regularly, structured and clustered by our analytical tools. This allows you to perform specific scans like reverse DNS lookup, as well as large scale reconnaissance scans to receive complete data on the target.

Advanced Search Opportunities

The special part about this search lies in the possibility for convenient research of large scale datasets by using up to 5 different search parameters per query. Combine reverse DNS with the advanced search tool to maximize the data accuracy. For example, find assets of some organization and define all of its technologies in order to determine possible vulnerabilities related to each one.
Search opportunities are as unlimited as your imagination.

Reverse DNS

DNS lookup

If you need to study more than just a DNS PTR record, check out our DNS lookup tool. It allows you to receive expansive DNS data on the most popular records: NS, TXT, SOA, A, and AAAA records. Moreover, Spyse stores lots of other penetration testing Tools that will come in handy performing the information gathering process.

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