Advanced Port Scanner

Spyse's port scanner works to enhance your overall security posture; apply it to spot open ports, map networks, and identify weaknesses in your infrastructure

Unique aspects of our Port scanner

Get Data Fast

Get Data Fast

All gathered data is housed in our databases and is kept up to date regularly to gain way for fast and fresh results

Advanced Port Scan

Advanced Port Scan

Spyse scans through all main ports and enriches found data to build a complete picture of a target’s network security state

Data Interconnection

Data Interconnection

All found information is interlinked, which allows us to enrich each search query so you get huge amounts of info with greater ease

Practical Use Cases

Bug Bounty Hunting Spyse scans the web, evaluating and storing the most important data in databases for fast access. Ready data includes: hosts with open ports, banners, hardware info, OS, products in CPE notation, types of devices and a lot of other handy info. It makes the information gathering process faster and takes away issues with rate limits, hardware costs and lets you remain undetected when performing scans. Network Monitoring Spyse is serviced to effectively monitor and support the exterior perimeter of any cyber-infrastructure. For example, it’s possible to check for the existence of non-closed ports, old forms of authorization and other possible defects in the system. World Analysis By researching global trends and shifts, it is possible to calculate which technologies are starting to become more vulnerable or in greater demand over time. In addition, it turns out to be a lot easier when acquiring acquiring technical and business data about software, technologies, and different types of products. Cybersecurity Assessment The Spyse search engine provides much more than advanced port scanning, it is a full-service recon platform and database, containing massive datasets useful for pentesters and sec engineers. Using Spyse, you will be able to carry out entire infrastructure assessments, and other reconnaissance tasks faster than ever before.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search tool acts like a live search filter which helps you extract precise results from large datasets. When performing any kind of Spyse scan, you can implement up to 5 search parameters to sort results and obtain only necessary data.
For example: find all IPs with a certain port, technology on it, as well as its vulnerabilities. This is one of the many examples of what you can achieve using Advanced Search.


Security Score

Security Score is useful for analyzing the vulnerability levels of large infrastructures, or several targets at once using CVE databases. This tool can aid in quickly creating a target list or identifying all vulnerabilities on a given target. Each target is given an overall security score, with vulnerabilities sorted by their level of threat, with expanded info available on each found vulnerability.



Don’t waste your time sludging through gobs of data. In place of this, try using filtering to expedite the process by finding the exact piece of data

API Access

Use Spyse’s API to connect the port scanner to your own tool or simply if you prefer to use the CLI instead of GUI

Simple Interface

We developed our interface as straightforward as possible so even if you are just starting out you don’t feel lost in heaps of data and puzzling words

Spyse Tools

Besides the Port scanner, Spyse hosts a wide variety of pentesting tools like AS lookup, SSL checker, DNS lookup and numerous others

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