NS Lookup

Our NS Lookup Tool Helps Quickly Find the Name Server Records of Any Domain Which Has Been Set Up By the Hosting Provider

How NS lookup Works

Our NS lookup tool helps quickly find the current IP address of the domain name and check all detailed information of the given domain and IP.
The Spyse Search engine allows to not only perform name server lookup but also search through all popular DNS records. When searching for any DNS records, Spyse’s scanners send requests to several servers at once to ensure data accuracy.


Core Features

Precise Data

Precise Data

We gather DNS records from 3 different DNS servers in order to provide the most accurate data for NS requests and other records

Instant Results

Instant Results

By storing all gathered data on our regularly updated database, we are able to give our users instant access to information

Vast Data

Vast Data

Analytical algorithms interconnect all gathered information, which gives a lot of opportunities for exploring the data and gaining new insights

Spyse Search Engine

Spyse is not just the NS lookup, it's a full-fledged recon service that completely covers the process of target research eliminating the need for installing additional tools. Spyse crawls through the whole internet and collects all the necessary technical information, storing it in one place to make the information gathering process faster and easier.
Spyse lets you gain precise data about network connections, server technologies, autonomous systems, vulnerabilities, and can assess even the smallest part of the internet.


Quick Cybersecurity Assessment

Security Score was created for quick and accurate security assessment of domains, servers, IPs, or cyber-infrastructures. The scoring system analyzes all vulnerabilities from the most complex to the least, showing the security score of the target with the ability to dig into each vulnerability for detailed exploration.
It helps assess lots of targets at the same time and weed out only interesting results saving time on asset analysis. Combine the Security Score with other Spyse pentesting tools to simplify your recon process.


DNS lookup

If you need to study all other DNS records, check out our DNS lookup. It allows you to receive info about the most popular types of DNS records: NS (name server), TXT, SOA, A, AAAA and PTR records.

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