Target Exploration With Spyse Network Tools

Explore different types of comprehensive information through expanded opportunities of network utilities by Spyse to get fast insights into entities’ relationships.

List of Free Network Tools Provided by Spyse

Spyse tools are gathering a massive amount of information concerning different characteristics of web entities. To extend the horizon of pentest opportunities, users are welcome to meet their challenges and find information on any target on the internet. The list of free network tools is replenished with SSL and ASN utilities to share information with users.

SSL lookup

Shows extended information on web certificates including their current status and additional data.

ASN lookup

Finds autonomic system numbers including internet protocol address, name of the organization, and geo-position info.

Benefits of Spyse Free Network Tools

Fast reconnaissance
Fast reconnaissance performance
Get immediate information on a query
Up-to-date data
Up-to-date data
Continuously scanned and regularly updated
Flexible built-in API
Test the API right on the web-page, checkout the result examples
Downloadable results
Downloadable results
Analyze received data on local computer

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Spyse provides network tools for everyone interested in cybersecurity reconnaissance. Subscribe to the Pro plan if you haven’t done it yet and discover many more unique data assets with structures’ insights. Cybersecurity testing can become even more exciting than ever with free network monitoring tools and new Spyse Pro features!


Network tools serve for the exploration of comprehensive web entities’ characteristics.
There are SLL and ASN lookups.
WIth network tools, it’s easy to provide fast cybersecurity reconnaissance with the intent to find as much insightful information as possible.