MX Lookup

Use MX lookup to quickly check all MX records related to the the specified domain

The Help of MX Lookup

Mx lookup helps determine the MX records of the domain to make sure that the email server is set up correctly and receiving the incoming emails.
When searching for MX records, Spyse forwards the requests to 3 different DNS servers ensuring the quality of the data, and broadening information by showing relationships between different network elements.


Discover the Reverse DNS Lookup Features

Precise Data

Precise Data

In addition to MX records, Spyse gathers and interconnects data on all popular DNS records, allowing to check MX/NS on IP addresses and more

Instant Results

Instant Results

All data is kept on our database which is constantly updated in order to provide immediate access and help avoid the long wait for scans and data analysis

Simple Recon

Simple Recon

We scan through the whole internet and connect all the given data which allows us to narrow the reconnaissance process down to a few clicks

Full Recon With Spyse

The Spyse search engine is an all-in-one recon solution for security specialists who want to save time on the information gathering process. Spyse provides all needed data in one place: Network information - Autonomous Systems and numbers, CIDR, Ports (banners, hardware, type of device, OS, etc..); Server data - DNS, WHOIS, Site info, etc... Security information - CVE databases in comparison with all previously mentioned data.

Time-Saving Recon service

The unique advanced search tool helps find specific target information, saving up time which is usually spent on crawling through heaps of data.
Advanced Search enables using up to 5 different search parameters to sift through data. For example: adding a few more parameters to a simple MX Lookup can reveal MX servers with certain types of vulnerabilities on them, as well as their connection to a specific company. Even more difficult searches can be executed in combination with other penetration testing tools. The potential of our search engine stretches as far as your imagination.


DNS lookup

If you need to analyze all the DNS records for a specific reason, feel free to use our DNS lookup. It lets you obtain comprehensive DNS data of the most popular DNS records like NS, TXT, SOA, A, AAAA, and PTR records.

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