Open-Access IP Tools by Spyse

Based on cutting-edge technologies, our service developed special IP tools for network manual monitoring. Professionals from various cybersecurity fields are welcome to use Spyse IP tools for intelligence gathering.

List of Free IP Tools Provided by Spyse

IP Lookup

There is an option to find details on a specific IP address. Use the common search to enter an IP and find information on it. In this case, the user gets a location, organization name, autonomous system, and the name of the internet service provider. Spyse does not stop there. Users can also learn more and find open ports if there are any.

Reverse IP Lookup

Specifically designed Spyse Reverse IP Lookup tool allows users to discover all domains hosted on a given IP address. Identify hostnames that share one Internet Protocol address and explore more on your target. Furthermore, in the ‘On same Host’ column, Spyse shows a total number of domains hosted on IP for each domain in the found list.

Advantages of Using Spyse IP toolbox

Our online IP tools continuously scan IPv4 zones, gather data, identify relations among entities, and put all these data to a user friendly, clear interface
ip toolbox
Spyse IP toolbox provides continuously up-to-date data, helpful resources for attack surface detection, as well as insights on possible vulnerabilities
All the CVEs detected by Spyse have a real potential to be abused. Find info on IP address and test the exposed weaknesses to finish tasks successfully

Importance Of IP Monitoring

Gives an overall picture of a target
Identifies potential loopholes of a target
Helps to study more info details of objects
ip details
Encourages to determine security level
Reveals open ports
Yields valuable insights into a host
ip details
Encourages to determine security level
Reveals open ports
Yields valuable insights into a host

Need More Data? Subscribe to Standard Plan

We are dead serious! Subscribe to Standard Plan to access all IP tools data with an ability to download search results of the information on the request. Standard Plan users will also get the extra Advanced search filters, CVE Exploration, additional API requests and many more.


IP tools are instruments which assist cybersecurity experts for network manual monitoring and intelligence gathering.
Spyse provides IP lookup and Reverse IP lookup.
Pentesters and cybersecurity consulters use IP tools for more profound reconnaissance performance and insights revealing. These tools give basic info on a target for potential attack surface detection.