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The use of IP Lookup

An IP lookup can conveniently locate the geolocation and other valuable data regarding any IP address throughout the world. We house all data in our constantly updated database, which means that by employing our IP lookup engine tool you can immediately acquire useful and fresh whois data such as country, region, ISP, AS numbers, the domains associated with this IP, and even business details (contacts, emails, etc.).

Also, the Spyse search engine gives you huge opportunities to explore all info related to the IPv4 space - network connections, server data, vulnerabilities and much more.

Ip Address

Advanced IP Lookup Features

Precise Data

Precise Data

We constantly scan through the internet to expand our databases in order to provide the most comprehensive WHOIS and location IP data

Business info

Business info

IP lookup helps to carry out in-depth research on any organization on the web, figuring out its relation to other companies and present status

Data Science

Data Science

Spyse brings all found data together into clusters for a more thorough investigation of each segment, from network connections to broad server data

Complete Service

Spyse search engine is a complete reconnaissance solution that can assist in performing target research without the need for third-party tools, studying syntax, or waiting for long target scans.

We scan the web regularly, sorting, and storing data in our own databases. This lets users explore both large sections of the internet and its separate elements much quicker, from network data(Ports, Autonomous systems, Banners, etc...), Server info(Technologies, DNS records, etc...) to Security data(Common vulnerabilities)and show much more info even for simple whois ip lookup query.

Advanced Search

We are setting users with a new way to perform recon. Our database was developed in a way so that our users can conduct fast and “complex” searches using up to 5 different search parameters. Now it becomes easier to explore specific data that was hidden behind tons of information.
Connect IP lookup with advanced search to explore a specific element of the internet, cyber-infrastructures, industries, or even a whole country in minutes.


Security Score

Security Score will help users to quickly determine the level of vulnerability on any IP or domain within seconds. It helps figure out how different infrastructures are seen on the web and spots the potential vulnerabilities, or quickly check lots of targets combining scoring with IP lookup.


WHOIS Lookup

With WHOIS lookup, users will quickly find geolocation data, server info, IP data, domain owners, and how to get in touch with them.

Combine it with other cybersecurity tools provided by Spyse to get all the necessary information about the target.

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