Get a Website Dossier with Spyse Domain Tools

Spyse specifically designed domain tools to create dossiers on websites easily. Spyse users are free to explore targets for cybersecurity reconnaissance needs.

List of Available Domain Tools

Spyse Domain tools provide users with complete information on a specific site by utilizing the following instruments:

Domain lookup

Shows extended info on each website with data relationships revealing.

Subdomain finder

Finds all subdomains related to the domain.

WHOIS lookup

Displays official information on registration details of a domain.

Reverse AdSense ID lookup

Reveals connections among several domains with the same Adsense ID.


Analyze Websites with Domain Lookup by Spyse

Spyse tools do not merely find information on websites. By providing a domain name lookup, users receive a list of information, including related domains and hosts, info on certificates, and additional technical records.

Gain Insights Into Domains with Spyse

Domains are unique website names that identify internet entities. Domain names consist of recognizable symbols, including letters and numbers. Found insights into websites may include:

Related hosts
Related hosts, domains and subdomains
List of certificates
List of certificates with the current status
General information
General information on an entity
WHOIS details
Official registrant and registrar details

Advanced Technologies of Spyse

The very backbone of the Spyse is a new technological approach to linking data. Spyse has the edge over competitors due to the vast steadily increased databases with included interrelations.

  • All data is already gathered and regularly updated by 50 scanners. Users don’t need to deploy scanning infrastructure itself.
  • Our servers are scanning ports from all over the world, which helps avoid issues with ASP Geo restriction.
  • Flexible built-in API that you can try right on the web-page with a detailed Swagger documentation. Spyse API allows users to make many different types of requests, which helps to receive relevant results.
  • Spyse displays interrelated and readily available for immediate analysis data.
  • All search results are available to download. Analyze collected data on a local computer or use specially equipped programs to do this.

Subscribe to Pro to Find Out More Insights

Try out online domain tools by Spyse and get more information on your target by subscribing to the Pro plan. Spyse gives extra capabilities with an upgraded account, such as an ability to download up to 100,000 rows per request, access to any Advanced filters, and detailed business information on any organization on the web.


Domain tools show extended info on each website including official registration details and data relationships revealing.
There are Domain and WHOIS lookup, Subdomain finder.
Domain tools provide an overview and insight into specific websites.