Domain Lookup

Grab Сomplete and Accurate Domain WHOIS Information in Just a Few Clicks

How Domain Lookup Works

By using the domain lookup you can easily find domain info such as: the domain registration date, its expiration date, ownership details and contact information, domain nameserver information, the registrar via which the domain was purchased(organization or commercial entity that registered the domain name), and even more related info.


Core Domain Lookup Traits

Complete Data

Complete Data

We scan throughout the web leaving no space unchecked, from network connection and site info to extensive server data

Accurate Data

Accurate Data

We gather WHOIS data from private and public sources and validate it using our own analytical tools, showing precise data on the domain owner, registration or IP lookup

Quick Data

Quick Data

All scanned data is already stored in our constantly updated database for quick access. Even if we miss a piece of data you can always request an on-demand scan

All-in-One Reconnaissance Service

Forget about installing third-party tools, exploring syntax and tedious target scanning. The Spyse search engine meets all your needs for performing technical information research.

It's an immense platform which enables users to acquire all reconnaissance information necessary for exploring both extensive areas of the network and all of its combining parts. Explore everything from Server info (DNS, site info, digital certificates, etc...); Network data (Ports, Banners, ASN, geo, etc...) to network connections, web technologies, products, and their vulnerabilities.

In addition to domain lookup, Spyse also provides a set of cybersecurity tools for webmasters, pentesters and security engineers which will come in handy when performing various recon tasks.


Advanced Search

Spyse is a brand new way of performing recon. This service enables you to conduct d complex searches quickly by using up to 5 search parameters per query!

Using a combination of search parameters will come in handy when exploring domain WHOIS data related to any internet entity. With this tool, you can define all domains with a certain type of vulnerability, response code, and WHOIS data linked to a specific organization. This is a simple use case; search options are limited only by the extent of your imagination.

Security Score

Spyse’s scoring system quickly evaluates the security level of cyber-infrastructures, servers, IPs, and domains. It compares all the discovered data by Spyse’s scanners with existing CVEs, assigning them a security score from 0 to 100 and distributing all vulnerabilities into groups based on their level of threat.


WHOIS lookup

By performing a whois lookup, you will be able to see geolocation data, server data, business info, as well as explore relationships between organizations or network elements using additional Spyse features.

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