Easily Accessible DNS Tools For Cybersecurity Data Exploration

DNS tools are used as instruments to receive the domain’s records from the server. While performing a DNS lookup, Spyse displays a table of data collected beforehand, as well as extra useful insights.

List Of Available DNS Tools

Spyse DNS tools include the following instruments for target insights gathering:

DNS lookup

Allows users to get Domain Name System records for a specific domain.

Reverse DNS lookup

Gets DNS PTR records that help to find the associated domain names.

NS lookup

Finds the records of the name server.

MX lookup

Finds the email servers associated with a particular domain.

Types of DNS Records Through the Prism of Spyse Capabilities

Check DNS records with Spyse. Enter a domain name in the search bar, the tool will provide a full range of domain records exploration. Including:

NS Records

  • NS record displays a name server that supports DNS records in a specific zone.
  • NS record lookup is a fast way to receive information about a domain. Find out whether a specific target has several servers to cover its basis or accelerate the uploading process.

MX Records

  • MX record indicates a mail server used for a domain or the server that gets all emails addressed to the specific domain.
  • Some website owners may use a common mail server for a variety of domains.

Defining of Data Interrelations by Spyse DNS Analyzer

Spyse DNS tools collect all sorts of system data, which may expose the correlation among infrastructures. Spyse users can provide a full process reconnaissance, starting with analyzing any target. Every found record gives a tip on what to do next and whether it is worthwhile to keep examining. Every piece of data of DNS tools search results may be connected with other objects. Users are free to find DNS of websites by searching for a domain name in a common search bar.

Upgrade Your Subscription to Pro And Find What You’re Looking For!

Subscribe to the Pro plan, reach more data, and upgrade your cybersecurity and reconnaissance opportunities. It’s easy. With advanced functionality, users are free to see all extended information on DNS records and reveal interconnections among separate structures.


DNS tools are instruments that supply the totality of domain records.
Among Spyse DNS tools, there is a DNS lookup, Reverse DNS lookup, NS and MX lookup.
DNS tools give a chance to find system information and figure out what stands behind a specific website.