DNS Lookup

Carry out DNS lookup and get all main DNS records instantly. No buffering, more productivity

What DNS Lookup Does

DNS Lookup is a handy tool which displays readily collected DNS records of a given DNS server. To establish data authenticity, we send requests to 3 different DNS servers at once. This enables users to gain extensive DNS records data on all types of records: A records, NS (nameserver), TXT, SOA, AAAA, and PTR records.

Spyse enhances your reconnaissance process by providing interlinked data, making each search query yield additional information. With a simple DNS lookup, you can also get additional info such as domains with the same MX, NS, data, and much more.


DNS Lookup Features

Data Freshness

Data Freshness

We regularly scan throughout the internet collecting all useful information about the most popular DNS records

Instant Output

Instant Output

We store all found data on our ever-expanding database in order to provide instant access to extensive DNS data

Extensive Information

Extensive Information

Our analysis algorithms help show connections between gathered data, which you can explore in-depth using our handy pentesting tools

Spyse Overview

Spyse is a cyberspace search engine that enables users to perform advanced target research without the need to install any extra tools, study syntax, or wait for drawn-out scans to finalize, even for DNS lookup. We regularly scan the open-sourced internet and store the collected data in our database, where all info gets clustered and analyzed. This enables us to instantly provide you with accurate data on both large datasets and each individual network component.

Try Flexible Search

Advanced search allows you to combine up to 5 search parameters with the DNS lookup to acquire the most accurate data. Advanced search enables you to quickly explore through heaps of data to find exactly what you need. Find all websites with specific response code, fingerprints, vulnerable elements (frameworks, etc...) or even more complex searches to maximize data accuracy.


Security Score

The scoring system will assist you in exploring security levels of certain infrastructure, or even the world as a whole. Using the collected data, the Security Score runs a vulnerability test and gives the target an overall security score. After that, our system sorts all vulnerabilities into sections based on their level of complexity and provides the possibility for a detailed exploration of each found vulnerability.


Reverse DNS Lookup

Reverse DNS lookup - is just an opposite to the regular DNS lookup. Reverse DNS lookup requires you to enter an IP address with the appropriate hostname. After entering the IP address the reverse DNS lookup tool will display the domain name associated with the corresponding IP address.

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