CVE Search Tool

Use the CVE search to list all vulnerable domains and IP addresses, with ability to explore details of each CVE.

CVE Search Benefits

Ready-made CVE database

Ready-made CVE database

We continuously scan the whole internet, collect, and analyze CVE data. This approach allows us to have only up-to-date information and provide it instantly by request.

Analyzed and connected data

Analyzed and connected data

Using various data-science methods, Spyse connects all found CVEs to domain names and IP addresses and avoids annoying manual work.

Flexible CVE Search

Flexible CVE Search

We provide an ability to find vulnerable domains and IPs searching by CVE ID with extra insights like Publishing & Modified dates, CPE prefix, and Security Scoring.

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Swift Reconnaissance

Spyse stores one of the biggest technical databases of its kind, providing instant access to all targets’ data in one place without the need for extra tools and manual work. A variety of gathered information allows enriching and connecting internet elements in a closed ecosystem that helps explore targets using a domain name.

Advanced Search

Advanced search allows users to combine CVE lookup with up to 10 different filters and operators to get more precise findings. For xexample, find vulnerable IP addresses by searching for CVE ID with status code 200 filter, and that contains the keywords “admin” in a title. View the request example.
Advanced Search opens up huge opportunities for a more efficient, quick, and creative method of creating a target list or researching one particular company. Please note, the filters used on the image are available only for Pro and Standard accounts.

Advanced Search

Useful GUI

We designed an intuitive and functional graphical interface that helps get the best results faster.

Handy Filtering

Use extended filtering and table customization to save time and see only what you need.

Security Scoring

Search by targets’ vulnerability level by using a self-developed score from 0 to 100 security score.

API access

We created the ability to obtain all information through the flexible API allowing connection to our CVE database.

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