ASN Lookup

Spyse ASN lookup serves to stretch out recon flexibility for analyzing organizations’ autonomous systems and providing a wider perspective concerning their attack surface

Outstanding Features

Full ASN Lookup

Full ASN Lookup

Regular scans are made all across the internet collecting complete reconnaissance data about autonomous systems and their elements

Instant Data

Instant Data

We store all found data in our database where it is sorted and connected, in order to provide quick access to any data concerning Autonomous Systems

Accurate and Fresh

Accurate and Fresh

We scan the web regularly and verify the gathered data using several hand-made algorithms, making sure the end results are up-to-date and accurate

How ASN Lookup Helps

Scan the Target AS number lookup helps to analyze network data relating to any cyber-infrastructure or organization, and third-party companies related to the main target. Also, it allows exploring IPv4 ranges (CIDR), domains at autonomous systems, or related ASNs to get even more info. Maintain your Network It’s of crucial importance to have a clear vision regarding the size of your infrastructure, what’s inside it and how exactly it’s being presented on the web. ASN lookup will help you maintain your infrastructure despite its size and complexity. Analyze the World Business analysts can use an autonomous system lookup to predict the merging of organizations, designate competition on the market, or just dig deeper into other more complex data for competitive analysis. Investigate Autonomous Systems In order to complete an entire assessment of a target’s infrastructure, it’s essential to go through all viable entry points, researching not only the target itself but their vendors and all connected services. AS lookup enriches each result with lots of additional info, which makes life easier for white-hat hackers.

Spyse Up your Data

Employing Spyse will make the information gathering process faster and easier to follow by saving time setting up different tools, understanding syntax and waiting for scans to end.

Spyse is a full-fledged search engine that collects huge chunks of data from all over the internet, analyzes, and structures it to provide unique search flexibility with the help of Advanced Search. This tool lets you use 5 search parameters in order to find the exact information, for example: Perform ASN lookup, to find all IPs with that linked to domains with a certain type of content in the title and specific technology to create your target list.


Cybersecurity Assessment

Scoring was created to help quickly determine the vulnerability levels of domains and IPs. In combination with AS number lookup, it helps to quickly check all companies and their vendors in order to get a vulnerability score, with the potential for a detailed study of every target and their vulnerabilities.


Instant Results

Everything you might need is already put together, inspected and collected in our database so you can obtain the most relevant data quick and easy


Our API is another way of acquiring AS data which enables you to merge our database with your own projects

Understandable Design

Our interface was modeled to be as user-friendly as possible so even if you are just starting out, you won’t feel lost in slews of data and tricky terminology

Spyse Tools

Besides the Port scanner, Spyse hosts a wide variety of pentesting tools like AS lookup, SSL checker, DNS lookup and numerous others

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