Third-Party Risk Management

Control security risks associated with your partners and vendors to prevent potential external threats.

Today the security of your critical assets depend on outsourced platforms, applications, and third-party services that can be put at risk. Spyse third-party risk solutions can ensure the reliability of your partners and identify which threats may entail the specific partnership. Gaining access to any of your partners jeopardizes the entire company protection, no matter how well you are protected.

Spyse provides you with complete disclosure of potential network threats and vulnerabilities of your vendors, displays their attack perimeter, cybersecurity posture, and whether their internet presence threatens your company.

Optimize Vendors' Assessment

Use a company name, domain, or IP address as endpoints to get detailed information on vendors' attack surface. Assess their security posture to understand what security gaps could impact your business.

Domain overview

Select Reliable Partners

Know who you can trust. Select only reliable partners that will be protecting your risk interests well. Assess your vendors' attack surface to know its size and complexity.

Proactive Defense

Define, prioritize, and solve all possible threats before they turn into issues. Spyse helps to manage third-party security risks proactively by displaying their potential vulnerabilities and system infringements.

Trust Facts, Not Words

Do your partners patch software vulnerabilities? Do they only run safe network services? Spyse will help you to find out how they implement and operate their risk management program.

Customer Case

National government agency had started to do regular vendors' security check-ups. They spotted, 40% of partners exposed critical assets that could have caused a severe data breach, such as access to the citizens' sensitive information.

Assess Risks Associated with Your Partners

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