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Advanced Port Scanner

Spyse's port scanner enables you to find open ports, map network perimeters, and identify vulnerabilities in your network (and others) to improve your overall security posture.
Complete Port Scan
Spyse lets you scan through all 65k known ports to build a complete picture of an organization's network security state.
Daily Updates
We scan all open ports with regularly to ensure that our data is always fresh and up-to-date.
Enriched Data
All found data is filtered and sorted for accessibility, making enriched data easy to work with.
Our Port Scanner Might be Handy For:
Security Engineers
Spyse provides security engineers with a simple way to explore networks, detect live hosts and TCP services exposed to vulnerabilities. Apply this tool to scan open ports and improve your overall security posture.
Spyse is one of the fastest reconnaissance services, giving Pentesters a birds-eye-view over any company’s network. Pentesters can see open and closed ports on servers, and cherry-pick the ones that need to be tested for vulnerabilities.
System Administrators
Sysadmins can monitor their network easily with Spyse. Use the port tool to see open TCP ports which could potentially be exploited by attackers. We update our online port scanner regularly so that sysadmins can do their jobs uninterrupted.
Scan the Ports
Search by IP, AS number, domain name, organization name, etc.
Get a Full View
Use filters to sort your results; they’ll come in handy when dealing with extensive data.
Keep Your Network Safe
Use the info to protect your network, or look at how other networks protect themselves.
Unregistered users can only see a portion of the data.

We give you free credits when you sign up, refilling them monthly. Use these credits on any other Spyse service.

Our Features
Our Credits System

We implement a credits system, enabling users to pay for the exact amount of data they need. Using port scanning, you can download up to 2k rows of data for 1 credit, which is equivalent to $1.

After signing up, you will receive 3 credits which can complete up to 300 port scan requests, with filtering and downloading.

Users also get 1 complimentary credit every month.

You can rely on our simple and flexible API when you need quick and precise results.
With the API, you can improve your tool functionality, create a new one, or use it for a variety of other purposes.
The API functions based on the same credits system; you can search or download up to 6k rows of data for free (3 credits).
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Enterprise plan
Need more data or custom features? Feel free to contact us
Filtering and pagination will use Credits
Filtering and pagination will use Credits
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