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Extensive Autonomous System Number Lookup

A unique ASN lookup tool which lets you explore Autonomous Systems of any infrastructure on the web, and identify connections between different autonomous systems.
Full AS Lookup
Study autonomous systems; use this data to improve the knowledge base and security of your own network
Largest AS Database; Never Dated
We crawl autonomous systems daily, storing data on our servers and keeping it updated. Access AS data anytime
Offline Access
Download AS data in TSV format and access it offline
Who’s Interested in ASN Lookup?
Our service will get you a full view of autonomous systems and networks within them. Pentesters can analyze possible vulnerabilities and attack surfaces of companies and organizations. You can also use Spyse to test your own network security
Security Engineers
Easily monitor your organization’s/network’s/company’s infrastructure; using AS lookup will help you see your company’s attack surface and identify vulnerabilities; AS data is like a deck of playing cards, there are a million tricks you can do with it
Business Analysts
Analysts get the biggest benefit— Our ASN lookup tool provides an under-the-hood look at organizations’ business ties, analytical info on competition and partners allowing analysts to distinguish friend from foe
Search for AS
Enter any query in the search bar; domain name, company name, or IP address.
Obtain Broad AS Data
This data is stored on our serves and updated regularly; access it quickly and sort it using filters.
Download in TSV Format
Feel free to download and use the data at your convenience; it’s yours now.
To view all information on autonomous systems, register on Spyse for free.

We give you free credits when you sign up, refilling them monthly. Use these credits on any other Spyse service.

The Benefits of Using Spyse
What are Spyse Credits?
Pricing on Spyse works through a credit system. By registering on Spyse you will receive 3 credits equal to 300 requests such as searching, filtering, and downloading information. You can download up to 2k results per credit. Also, you will be granted a one complimentary credit per month to do some simple searches. Use these credits right away to test all of Spyse’s capabilities
Spyse API
Get access to the API right away. No need for requesting access or contacting support. Spyse API refers to sets of protocols and algorithms defining how operating systems, web applications and other software assets interact with each other. We utilize a public API which lends itself to a variety of uses and is integratable with your software and applications. API is completely free but limits the amount of given information. Based on a credits system, API lets you find and download up to 6k(3 credits) rows of autonomous system data for free. So don’t hesitate to register on Spyse and fully test this service.
Enterprise plan
Need more data or custom features? Feel free to contact us
Filtering and pagination will use Credits
Filtering and pagination will use Credits
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