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Advanced Netstat Parser

The netstat parser grants information on networks through parsing texts for a full picture of network statistics. Combine with other Spyse tools for best results
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Access the Database
Avoid wasting time dealing with lengthy statistics; use our netstat parser to find all the necessary data in minutes
Get Broad Stats
This tool lets you parse any text/content and extract data based on found IPs and domains; Alexa rank, AS number, subdomains, etc…
View Graph
This tool was specifically designed to work with (NetStat) network statistics; observe relationships between servers on convenient graphs
ParseIP audience
System Administrator
A netstat parser can help admins check relationships between the internal server infrastructure and external servers. It is an essential tool for monitoring networks and infrastructures, keeping an eye out on new updates in the IT sphere. This tool can also show connections between servers on a practical and convenient graph. Parse any text and receive rich data including netstats, AS numbers, ISP names, geolocations, and information on many IPs or domains from logs
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The Spyse pricing system allows users to access all of the tools and services Spyse has to offer. Spyse credits can be used with any service on our platform, eliminating the need for individual subscriptions. When you sign up, you receive 3 credits, which translate to roughly 300 requests (searching information, downloading, using filters, etc); credits can be purchased for further use on various Spyse services. You also receive one complimentary credit per month. We hope you enjoy using Spyse!
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How to Parse Netstat Output
1. Upload the Data
State your query in any format, or upload a file and the system will parse it for you
2. Receive Netstats
Receive all the network statistics you need and filter it out for ease of use
3. Use With Other Tools
Combine the data from ParseIP and use it with other Spyse services to gain a full outlook on any company’s or organization’s infrastructure
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Filtering and pagination will use Credits
Filtering and pagination will use Credits
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