Our Data

Spyse is a search and analysis platform that reveals data interrelationships and provides relevant security details on entities of the entire Internet.

We carry out a great deal of work starting from scanning ports and determining of technologies, ending with the gathering of certificates details and business information on companies represented on the network.

With over 2.5 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry, our company specializes in large-scale scans and big data processing fields.

We pride ourselves on sharing our achievements and work results to offer Spyse users significant amounts of data.

1 PB Data process each month
25B Documents are stored in our DB
70+ Servers scan and store our data
25TB Of Information about internet assets we collect and store
Raw Data

You can purchase raw data stored in the Spyse database, customize the data export frequency, receiving methods, data types, and amounts of data for specific business needs.

IPv4 Hosts Index

IPv4 Hosts Index contains the weekly scan results of IPv4 zone. The data set includes information about detected vulnerabilities, technologies, related companies, DNS PTR records, and server geolocation for each IPv4 host.

Hosts With Open Ports
236.3M Nov, 29
27.8M Hosts with found vulnerabilities
3.1B Hosts with Autonomous System
4B Hosts with geo
1.3B Hosts with DNS PTR records

Domain Index

Domain Index contains information about all crawled domains. The data set includes DNS and WHOIS records, SSL/TLS certificates, and well-structured response details on the HTTP GET request to the domains webserver.

1.5B Nov, 29
Domains with status code 200
347.7M Nov, 29
528.2M Domains with parsed HTTP GET response
160.2M Domains with SSL/TLS certificates
1.4B Domains with DNS records
56.3M WHOIS records

SSL/TLS Certificate Index

SSL/TLS Certificate Index contains well-structured information about collected certificates from all crawled domains. The index stores both active and expired certificates.
We also check if a certificate is verified or not. The non-verified certificates could have been used for hacker attacks.

SSL/TLS Certificates
128.4M Nov, 29
108.9M Active certificates detected

Organization Index

Organization Index keeps business information about companies presented on the network. All data on enterprises is collected from relevant trustworthy sources such as Crunchbase and Wikipedia.

Organizations in our DB
1.6M Nov, 29

Technology Index

Technology Index stores machine-readable fingerprints about libraries, CMSes, platforms, services, servers, operating systems and other technologies used to build publicly available internet resources. The technology data is manually formed by our experts. Additionally, we store meta information on each technology: description, CPE notation, links to home page and release notes page.

1.3K Nov, 29
2.2K Fingerprints
2.5K Test Cases

Vulnerability Index

Vulnerability Index contains a weekly updated list of officially documented vulnerabilities with their CVE ID. Each of them has a description and details on the attack vector.

165K Nov, 29

Autonomous System Index

Autonomous System Index stores documents with the list of subnets and controlling organizations for each of the functioning autonomous systems.

Autonomous Systems
81.2K Nov, 29

Email Index

Email index contains documents with information about email addresses that were found on crawled websites.

373.8M Nov, 29

Raw Data

You can purchase raw data stored in the Spyse database, customize the data export frequency, receiving methods, data types, and amounts of data for specific business needs.