Online Brand Protection

Evaluate the security state of your business to defend against the most common brand and trademark infringements.

Obtain complete visibility of your company's or partner’s attack surface by managing technical and business threats in one place. Spyse empowers you to provide phishing detection and protect yourself from the most common fraud techniques on the internet. Our solution allows mitigating brand reputation risks and increasing online brand protection. It’s vital to have a proactive cybersecurity solution in order to make improvements before it becomes a costly issue.

Enhance Brand’s Identity Protection

Search for your domain name to find similar domains in other TLD zones and instantly reveal fraud. By using your business name you can see all same-named organizations, detect typosquatted domain names and provide phishing protection for your brand.

Domain overview

Speed Up Security Research

State your query and get information instantly, without a long scanning and any additional installations. All data is constantly updated - so no domain goes unnoticed.

Third-Party Brand Protection

Perform the cybersecurity assessment of a partner or vendor to prevent possible third-party impacts in case you share your data with any other IT infrastructures.

Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats

Ensure your system resists against possible attacks. Keep informed about the most common threat actors and their attack methods before hackers strike your organization.

Customer Case

An e-commerce company detected a whole chain of phishing websites that potentially could lead to huge money and reputation losses. Spyse had helped the company to put all malicious websites under the TradeMark violation before they caused significant damage.

Analyze Potential Brand Threats

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