Healthcare Cybersecurity

Prevent security gaps and potential cyberinfrastructure infringements before they turn into issues.

Healthcare organizations are easy targets for attackers. Outdated technology, unpatched software, exposed assets, and expired certificates can cause irreparable reputational and financial damage to healthcare cybersecurity and its customers.
Spyse enables such organizations to run a quick & understandable cybersecurity assessment to reveal detailed information on its attack surface, potential and actual threats.

Search & Secure

Search by the IP address, domain or organization name, and get instant information necessary to fix possible issues in healthcare security. Spyse helps to find, explore, and prioritize, found data in order to save time on structuring the heaps of data.

Domain overview

Third-Party Assessment

Reveal potential network threats and vulnerabilities of your vendors, partners and suppliers and identify their cybersecurity posture to ensure nothing threatens your healthcare data security.

Swift Integration

Works with any SOC or defence service? Integrate Spyse in your cybersecurity pipeline to enrich the data and get more insights and create a full view of the healthcare cybersecurity posture.

Easy Maintenance

Get a quick check of the infrastructure's technical state allowing system administrators and DevOps specialists to make quick adjustments to prevent potential threats.

Analyze security of Healthcare Cyberinfrastructures

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