Government Cybersecurity

Assess the security state of government cyber security, its critical infrastructures, and private businesses.

Spyse allows government agencies to perform a quick and understandable security assessment on the entire country and each individual organization using non-intrusive data collection methods. This approach helps effectively manage the national cyber security and attack surface, discovering security gaps & infringements in critical government infrastructures to prevent potential threats instead of dealing with the raised issues.

Instant Performance

Government agencies are able to use our unique search-engine for manual assessment or connect to the large database fully automating the government cybersecurity management process by finding, analyzing, and structuring threats reducing decision-making time.

IP security score

Nation Protection

Scan the entire country to determine vulnerable infrastructures, prioritize results for easy analysis and create the right cybersecurity strategy.

Attack Surface Mapping

Map all critical infrastructures and track how they change over time. Uncover the size, quality, and security level for a nation's organizations, as well as compare yourself with other countries.

Preventive Cybersecurity

Explore through the whole state of exposed assets, unpatched software, outdated technologies, to prevent future threats.

Determine Government Vulnerable Infrastructures

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