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Connect, automate, and assess any target within minutes with Spyse DaaS solution.

Spyse data-as-a-service (DaaS) is a comprehensive solution for large enterprises, research & advisory firms, and cybersecurity services. Spyse covers both large scale data research and specific target analysis allowing completely different companies to improve risk management, attack surface mapping, detecting and analyzing threats by enriching existing data.

Big Data analysis allows our customers to explore through world-wide technical datasets analyzing the whole IPv4 sector, Autonomous Systems, domains, DNS records, security certificates, cyber threats, and all connected information.

IPv4 Hosts with Open Ports
WHOIS records
SSL/TLS Certificates
Autonomous Systems
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Right Data for Successful Security Decisions

Get information directly from our database with an ability to customize the data export frequency, types & amount of needed data, receiving methods (API, custom service, file exporting, etc.). Or request additional features depending on your business needs. With the implementation of Spyse big data solution, you are able to create a cybersecurity data feed and continuously monitor the cyberinfrastructure of your or partner’s organization.

Spyse - Right Data for Successful Security Decisions

For Cyber Consultants

Spyse has everything necessary for easy integration into manual or automatic security assessment pipelines.

For Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity companies will benefit from integrating Spyse into their cybersecurity tools by expanding the functionality of their developments.

For Research and Advisory Firms

Wide crawling coverage and a variety of technical data useful for creating detailed reports and graphs of the world's security state.

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Customer Case

A cybersecurity assessment & threat intelligence company has implemented Spyse into its security assessment process to speed up analyzing companies' attack surfaces and vulnerabilities related to discovered assets. They managed to accelerate the customers' infrastructure analysis by 20% and reduced the decision-making time.

It also helped to increase the amount of generated leads by finding exposed assets of the most vulnerable companies in the world.

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