Executive Reporting & Cybersecurity Strategy

Prepare a comprehensive and understandable report for more effective cybersecurity risk planning with executives.

C-suite and Board need to be informed about company attack surface and threat risks to implement a proper cybersecurity strategy. Generally, they lack the expertise to fully understand the CISO or security team and make the right decisions in cybersecurity planning.

Preparing the correct reports or metrics are often time-consuming and challenging, but Spyse helps to define a company's size, complexity, and potential risks presenting information in an easy-to-understand language. Our approach improves internal communication, reduces decision-making time, and gives executives a clear understanding of how to manage budgets and defence strategy.

Plan, Prioritize & Implement Cybersecurity Strategy

Evaluate the cyberinfrastructure security posture of the company, third-parties, and suppliers using understandable and straightforward metrics useful for the Board and the C-suite.

IP overview

Swift Security Inspection

Spyse gathers, processes, and provides all information needed for security reporting in one place. Instantly view the security posture of your or vendors' cyberinfrastructure.

Support Business Needs

Demonstrate how proper cybersecurity planning can help fulfill the company's business needs – such as optimizing costs on cybersecurity, maintaining company reputation, and users' trust.

Improve Communication

Speak with your executives in the same language using understandable terminology to increase the speed and efficiency of cybersecurity risk management and planning.

Customer Case

The security team of a large consulting company highly reduces the time of creating cybersecurity assessment reports and negotiation time to start working on problems. It also allows them to attract new users by creating them automatic statements with our custom reporting development.

Implement Cybersecurity Strategy

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