Сybersecurity Due Diligence

Control the Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) due diligence risks with cyber health checkups of companies you intend to acquire.

Spyse allows you to conduct a full-scope inspection of companies to determine possible risks before merging and acquiring. A state of a firm’s cybersecurity posture is an essential part of the third-party due diligence process. Spyse helps in detecting cyber threats at the early stage of negotiation using non-invasive scanning methods to help select only reliable partners.

M&A Risks Evaluation

Make Merger & Acquisition risks analysis of a target without additional program deployment. IT due diligence with Spyse allows uncovering the hard-to-reach potential vulnerabilities such as exposed critical assets, outdated software, misconfigured servers, and maintenance issues.
Instant data providing optimizes time & efforts on company security assessment and Spyse technical datasets with the help of data interrelation mechanism allows conducting technical due diligence having only a IP, domain, or organization name.

IP overview

Select a Credible M&A Targets

Keep up your reputation on a high level determining the cyber health of your potential partners in the early stages of the merger & acquisition process.

Assess the Scale of a Firm

Perform a complex company assessment defining the size of their cyberinfrastructure, its complexity, and maintenance quality.

Inspect the Cybersecurity State of a Target

Evaluate the cyberinfrastructure of the M&A target to reduce possible acquisition risks related to cybersecurity that might arise from an integration.

Customer Case

A leading retail company used Spyse in their due diligence process to look through the security state of its potential partners and found that 3 of 5 companies had critical security breaches or low infrastructure maintenance quality. It helped weed out potentially dangerous companies and focus on researching more reliable partners.

Assess Mergers & Acquisitions Risks

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