Сyber Insurance Underwriting

Assess the cybersecurity posture to tackle potential financial risks and make proper investment decisions.

Avoid cyber insurance underwriting issues using simple & understandable metrics on the cyber health of your applicants and insureds. Spyse helps you to understand the potential risks of financial loss for the insurance companies, brokers, and risk managers without involving huge cybersecurity teams and third-party assessors.

Swift Underwriting

Evaluate the size, complexity, maintenance quality, and cybersecurity state of the applicants’ cyberinfrastructures in one place just by using domain or organization names.
Spyse approach allows getting instant technical and security data about any company, which highly increases the speed and quality of the insurance underwriting process.

Organization overview

Expand the Underwriting Size

Evaluate not only the company itself but even all its vendors, suppliers, and partners that might cause a security breach of a targeted company.

Reduce Potential Loss

Get complete visibility of the security posture of your applicant’s cyberinfrastructure to prevent potential financial and reputational losses.

Cooperate With your Customers

Provide an extra value by helping your customers to know their potential cybersecurity gaps and threats. Improve their cyber risk management to secure your reputation.

Understand the Potential Cyber Risks of Insurance Companies

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