Cyber Forensics for Incident Investigation

Expand your investigation area and make the cyber forensic process faster & easier.

Usually, the investigation team and cyber forensics specialists have a lack of evidence for performing proper Incident Investigations. Any additional information can be helpful in digital forensics to disclose information about the attacker, and even connections between attacker and sponsor.

Spyse provides a complete cyber security forensics solution to find information about any piece of data left by a hacker, such as an IP address. It could be explored through the interconnected state of all technical data on the internet.

Threat Intelligence for Determining the Potential Attack Vectors

Spyse is useful for incident investigation for both massive teams and single researchers that need to explore found assets and get as much information about hackers as possible. Simply search for the attacker's IP address and find all related information through the IP, AS and subnet investigation. The data interconnections will help you to build a proper detection chain and locate hacker's infrastructure.

AS overview

Speed Up the Investigation

Spyse provides complete access to all technical data in one place helping to minimize the number of tools needed for the investigation.

Explore Attack Details

Explore through the variety of information connected with the penetration and an attacker who performed it.

Disclose an Attacker & Attack Sponsors

Cyber investigation with Spyse makes it possible to reveal an executor of a hack and sponsoring companies of this act.

Customer Case

A cybersecurity company has used Spyse to explore the hacker's IP in order to find information and clues who it could be. By analyzing the interconnections between information, they found out that this IP address is connected to the part of the competitor's infrastructure. Which clearly shows us the fraudulent behaviour of a competitor.

Investigate Cybercrimes and Reveal Hacker & Sponsors

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