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What is A TLS Handshake?

It’s widely known that TLS is an encryption protocol which was created to tighten the security of Internet communications. So, you may be wondering now “What is a TLS handshake?”. In understandable terms, a TLS handshake, jump starts a communication session.   The two sides of communication send and receive messages to be aware of […]

Cover for cyber security infographic about digital certificates
Cyber Security Infographic about SSL/TLS certificates

SSL/TLS Certificate is an eminence grise when it comes to your internet safety. But not a lot of people know that SSL is more than just a padlock in your address bar. Learn more about this important element in this cyber security infographic.  

What Is an SSL Certificate and How Does it Work?

An SSL/TLS Certificate enables a website to possess a strong level of security through encryption. Thus, building trust from a potential customer base. Various types of SSL certificates exist on the internet, which comes into place when choosing the right one for your website. In this article, we will try to shed light on the […]

Subdomains: What Are Those & When To Use Them?

When it comes to subdomains, It’s easy to confuse the name with the obvious. Though, they are filled with specific characteristics that make them unique members of the Internet ecosystem.  You may feel confident about this topic. Though, there is always room for improvement. A common question among many is “what is a subdomain?”. And […]

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