Attack Surface Mapping

Identify, assess, and keep your attack surface secure with Spyse.

Spyse attack surface mapping solution reveals exposed digital assets owned by your organization, potential threats, and reports on the whole state of your attack surface.

With the help of large-scale scanned & analyzed technical data, Spyse reveals all missed and unknown parts of your cyberinfrastructure that greatly expand your attack surface analysis opportunities. Our data processing approach allows evaluating the vulnerability level of each separate asset and determines the critical gaps in cybersecurity management.

Security Management Optimization

Search for one of your assets to get an immediate view of your attack surface. No technical expertise is needed to explore your assets' insights from the hacker's perspective, indicating potential attack vectors, and assessing the security perimeter. Spyse’s security management approach increases the speed and simplifies the attack surface reduction process.

Domain overview

Quick Onboarding

Analyze the attack surface to detect your security gaps without any installation of additional software, hardware, or server applications.

Business Infringement Detection

Find new domains in other TLD zones, cloned sites for early detection of possible business infringements, phishing, and fraud.

Prevention of Breach Emergence

Explore the indicator of exposure (IOE) as a way to prevent security threats that jeopardize your infrastructure.

Customer Case

An international energy company used Spyse to analyze its attack surface.
The cyberinfrastructure examination showed that the target was reliably protected, and the servers were completely safe.
But with the help of the data interrelation, our security engineers found a highly vulnerable website hosted on the IP, where all company domains were hosted too. This website was potentially dangerous for the entire company's cyberinfrastructure and could be used to gain control over the server or system.

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