• 1.5B Domains
  • 236.3M IPv4 Hosts
  • 128.4M SSL/TLS Certificates
  • 165K Vulnerabilities
  • 373.8M Emails
  • 81.2K Autonomous Systems
  • 1.3K Technlogies
  • 1.6M Organizations
Build complicated search queries in seconds without any SQL or coding
Spyse supports a graphical interface that allows you to search for any target all over the Internet using more than 160 easily applicable search parameters
Map the attack surface and exploring implicit connections
Spyse automatically searches for possible vulnerabilities and related targets to help you easily predict an attack vector and pivot inside a possible target perimeter
Receive a context and focus only on cybersecurity operations, not on data gathering
Spyse out of the box extends targets information with company business details, ISP, geolocation, abuse reports, and other information you would usually search for using dozens of sources.
Fetch all the data we have through the API
Access data on all Internet assets and build powerful attack surface management applications using Spyse Data API. Rich datasets, up-to-date documentation, open-source libraries, and flexible pricing plans - all you need for a growing business and rapid development.

Use tons of tools and integrations


All basic features are free. But you will definitely want to support our project and get full access to our data when you find out what we offer.