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The data you get

Spyse holds the largest database of its kind, containing a wide range of OSINT data handy for the reconnaissance; find them listed below

IPv4 Hosts with Open Ports
WHOIS records
SSL/TLS Certificates
Autonomous Systems
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Who needs Spyse

Pentesters & Sec Engineers

Pentesters & Sec Engineers

  • Make the information gathering process quicker and simpler with an all-in-one cyber reconnaissance service
  • Gain immediate access to fresh data which is pre-gathered and stored in our ever-expanding database
  • Save on scanning hardware, avoid scanning rate limits and use Spyse when other methods are restricted by contracts
Business Owners

Business Owners

  • Examine the security posture of your infrastructure in minutes to seal all weak points and possible attack vectors
  • Investigate your vendors and main competitors to understand their security level and predict future updates
  • Keep an eye over shifts in global cybersecurity trends to build and maintain a secure infrastructure in the ever-evolving web
Website Owners

Website Owners

  • Make a quick self-assessment to uncover all potential weak points, outdated software, or misconfigurations
  • Check your site using a handy web interface to get a full security assessment
  • Analyze world cybersecurity trends while developing your site. Gain a better grasp of new technologies and vulnerabilities they face
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A New Way of Cyber Recon

Enjoy a whole new process of gathering information on targets of any size or complexity. Spyse Search can explore entire countries, various types of infrastructures and everything down to the smallest particles of the web. Use the plethora of search parameters at your disposal to achieve the most accurate results.

  • Find specific types of products by meta data, filter them by location, CVEs or other parameters
  • Reveal all servers with certain vulnerabilities using just one filter
  • Find Elasticsearch databases on IP hosts with low security levels (<40), on which there are websites with descriptions containing words like "healthcare"
  • Reveal all domains which were registered by some company and filter them by meta, status code or whois data
  • Find specific types of products by meta data, filter them by location, CVEs or other parameters
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Security Score has been designed to quickly evaluate the security status of different elements of a network - IPs and domains.
The scoring system compares the information found by Spyse's scanners with a few CVE databases to provide a single security assessment grade, listing all vulnerabilities from the simplest to the most complex.



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