We scan
the entire Internet to:

  • Collect
    all publicly available data about websites, servers, their owners, and devices connected to the Internet.
  • Analyze
    the gathered data to discover security risks and implicit connections between those Internet entities.
  • Save
    the results of the Internet-wide data analysis to create an up-to-date Internet map.
  • Provide data access
    to our beloved users for real-time search and third-party integrations.

Spyse stores

> 25 000 000 000
records about the Internet-connected assets available for search and download

A lot of amazing tools are using Spyse:

Navigate smoothly across the data jungles

We provide a simplified interface for creating custom search queries, bulk search and third-party application integrations.


Spyse API has a huge variety of search operators and detailed documentation on Swagger. You can integrate our API into your recon pipeline, cybersecurity solution, or connect to our database for real-time data acquisition.


All basic features are free. But you will definitely want to support our project and get full access to our data when you find out what we offer.

We are real people and open to chat with you

Chief Executive Officer photo
Ihor Krailo
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer / CTO photo
Roman Romanov
Chief Operating Officer / CTO
Head of Data Mining photo
Alexander Hromak
Head of Data Mining
Chief Marketing Officer photo
Mark Roze
Chief Marketing Officer

We love hearing you love our service

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